News from the wind power world

  • Wales has built the second largest offshore wind farm in the world

    Its name is Gwynt y Môr and is the second largest offshore wind farm in the world. It’s been built in Wales by RWE, Stadtwerke and Siemens: its 160 turbines will provide 567 Mw of energy. The news has been published on the web site (here to read the whole article). The cost of the plant is 2 billions pounds: RWE has a share of 60 percent in the project, with Stadtwerke München that follows with 30 percent and Siemens 10 percent.turbine






  • increased investments in wind energy published an article on the investments peak regarding renewable energy in the second quarter of this year. According to Clean Energy pipeline, in fact, worldwide investments reached 66.2 billion dollars: it is an 8 percent increase compared to the second quarter of 2013, a factor that would allow a reversal of the negative trend of the past two years. Wind energy is the main motive of this positive trend, with approximately $ 3.8 billion invested in offshore projects. The onshore wind power plants, however, are still those with more capability to attract investment, with 13.7 billion invested in the first quarter and $ 18 billion invested in the second quarter of 2014.
    If this propensity to invest will be confirmed, in the end of the year very positive results will be achieved.Foto pala eolica Diga foranea nord Porto Corsini 4

  • The thematic study ‘Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy’

    The thematic study ‘Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy’, carried out by an external study of the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme is available on the blog of the National Contact Point (download it here).
    The thematic study has been completed March 2014. It examined projects realized by CENTRAL EUROPE Programme in the energy field, highlighting how the transactional Cooperation is supporting the use of sustainable energy and is funding projects that will impact on regional and national policies.

  • In 2012, wind power grew by 20 per cent

    2012 was a very important year for wind power: the Ansa press agency reported that its use has increased by 20 percent, reaching 282.5 GW. The statistics of the Global Wind Energy Council confirm that globally there are more than 45 GW compared to 2011. Regarding Europe, it should be reported a growth in Sweden, Romania, Poland and Italy, which has installed 1.3 GW in 2012, reaching 8.1 GW. In this way Italy is ranked sixth in the world with 2.9% of global production.

  • The Eastern Europe chooses the wind power

    An Ewea study explains how the nations of Eastern Europe are focusing on wind energy: they will be the subjects that will boost the sector. The news is reported by the ANSA agency: the goal of these countries is to reach the power of 16 GW in 2020 compared to the current 6.4 GW. In this way the wind power will provide electricity to 9 million households.
    The challenge regards the legislation, especially in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Bulgaria, while Poland and Romania have doubled in a year the wind energy potential.

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