Pilot projects

  • Powered Project inaugurated at the Harbour Office of Ravenna a 300 watts small wind turbine

    Today, March 5th 2015, at 11.30 at the Harbour Office of Ravenna, an experimental small wind turbine has been officially inaugurated by the european Powered Project (of which the RAVENNA 05/03/2015. PROVINCIA DI RAVENNA - PROGETTO POWERED. INSTALLATA UNA PALA EOLICA (MICRO EOLICO) SUL TETTO DELLA CAPITANERIA DI PORTOprovince of Ravenna is one of the partners). The ceremony has been attended by Mara Roncuzzi, Councillor for the Environment of the Province of Ravenna, Captain Giuseppe Meli, Commander of the Harbour Office of Ravenna and Maritime Director of the Emilia Romagna Region, Galliano Di Marco, President of the Port Authority of Ravenna, Prof. Ing. Renato Ricci, professor at the Politecnica University of Marche and head of the scientific committee of Project Powered, Alberto Rebucci, responsible of Powered Project for the Province of Ravenna, and Ing. Antonio Lazzari, President of the Cooperative Impronte, who has illustrated the features of the small wind turbine. (more…)

  • Porto Corsini small wind turbine: one year of data collected

    December 17th 2011 was inaugurated the small wind turbine on the cruise terminal of Porto Corsini in Ravenna. The implementation of the plant – 1.5 KW of power – has been made possible by the collaboration among Province of Ravenna, Port Authority of Ravenna, Ravenna Passenger Terminal and Tozzi Nord (who donated the experimental small wind turbine) and also by a co-financing of the European Project Powered, an Adriatic IPA cross-border program.
    The plant, which is connected to an anemometer, in a year has collected data on the strength of the wind that have been stored on a computer and processed by a software developed by Tozzi Nord (here the whole document file).


  • The small wind turbine of Porto Corsini (Ravenna)

    A pilot program, which is part of Project Powered, has been carried out in Porto Corsini(Ravenna), thanks to the cooperation between the Province of Ravenna (which is a partner of the Project Powered), the Port Authority of Ravenna, the Ravenna Passenger Terminal and Tozzi Nord, who has realized and donated the small wind turbine.

    The Small wind turbine started to work December 17th 2011: it  was installed on the dock of the Cruise Terminal at Porto Corsini (Ravenna).  These are the specifications of the small wind turbine: 1.5 kW rated power, 13 m/s rated wind speed, 4 m /s stop speed, 20 m/s, 1.78 m rotor diameter, 2.5 m. hub height.

  • The new small wind turbine of Porto Corsini (Ravenna)

    A pilot project that is part of the Project Powered has been realized in Porto Corsini(Ravenna), thanks to the cooperation between the Province of Ravenna(which is a partner of the Project Powered), Port Authority of Ravenna, Ravenna Passenger Terminal and and Tozzi North, that has engineered and donated the plant.
    The plant has been inaugurated December the 17th 2011 and has been installed on the dock of the Cruise Terminal at Porto Corsini (Ravenna). It’s a small wind turbine.

    These are the technical details:

    1  rated power: 1.5 kW

    2 rated wind speed: 13 m / s

    3 starting speed: 4 m / s

    4 stop speed: 20 m / s,

    5 rotor diameter: 1.78 m ,

    6 hub height: 2.5 meters.


Lead partner Abruzzo Region Directorate for Bureau Affairs, Legislative and EC Policies, External Affairs Department for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Sources, Energy Sector, Ministry of Economy of Montenegro Veneto Agricoltura, regional agency for agriculture, forestry and agri-food sectors

Province of Ravenna
Marche Region Environment and Landscape Department

Molise Region Programming Department
Apulia Region Mediterranean Department

Marche Polytechnic University
CETMA Consortium Engineering, Design and Materials Center Micoperi marine contractors srl

Italian Ministry for Environment and Land and Sea
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Energy, Republic of Albania

Municipality of Komiza
European Union Adriatic IPA