The workshop at the Key Energy Fair in Rimini: the press release

The participation of the Project POWERED (Project of Offshore Wind Energy : Research , Experimentation , Development) at Key Energy in Rimini helped to raise the level of knowledge about the potential of wind energy. This is due mainly to the workshop held in the Camelia hall November 6th, entitled ‘Compared scenarios for offshore wind: Northern Europe and the Progetto Powered il pubblico al Workshop a Key Energy di Rimini il 6 novembre 2013Mediterranean. The role of the P.O.W.E.R.E.D Project’.
Among the speakers, Siemens Offshore made his first exit as a sponsor of the project: together with Tozzi, Siemens is among the developers of wind turbines that support Powered. Siemens presented its experience as a supplier of wind turbines offshore and linked it with the industrial development of the North Sea and the planning about the diffusion of this technology in the Mediterranean Sea. For its part Tozzi has confirmed that it is possible an intelligent use of wind power also ‘Near Shore’. This is connected to the development of ‘green ports’ (those seaports that use renewable energy for the activities of parking and supporting the ships).
The workshop aimed to illustrate the steps taken by the project, especially with regard to the two technical work packages (WP4 and WP5): with regard to the first, Powered Project has completed the study of wind resources of the Adriatic basin. It produced maps and time series for the period 2008-2012 with a grid spacing of 3 km and 1 km. This result has allowed the identification of wind basins where is possible an immediate exploitation and those best suited for developing future technologies, such as turbines on floating platforms. Progetto Powered l'intervento di Renato Ricci al Workshop a Key Energy di Rimini il 6 novembre 2013
WP5 has highlighted the environmental problems that need to be considered in case of investments in offshore wind farms: it’s a sensitive issue, which concerns not only the interaction with the environment, but also the effects that projects such as offshore wind farms have on local communities.
With regard to the future potential of Powered, the most interesting, as it has been stressed during the workshop, is to become a reference and good practice tool for all those projects related to wind energy that will be produced as part of the activities relating the management of the Adriatic-Ionian macro-region.

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