Inaugurated a small wind turbine on the north pier in Porto Corsini June 28th

Thanks to the Project Powered (Project of Offshore Wind Energy: Research, Experimentation and Development) today, June 28th 2013 a small wind turbine – model TN535 developed by Tozzi Nord (which is one of the sponsors of Project Powered) – has been inaugurated at the North Pier in Porto Corsini, near the Cruise terminal. The ceremony took place at 12.30 before the partners of Project Powered, including the Province of Ravenna, which organized the event.Foto inaugurazione impianto minieolico a Porto Corsini 28 giu 13 n. 2

Earlier, in the morning, the conference room of the Port Authority hosted a meeting on ‘The potential of wind energy in the Adriatic and the prospects of the green port’: the reports have been expanded on all the topics linked to a strategy of ‘sustainable development’ of the Adriatic seaports (i.e. where renewable energy sources play a key role): the port of Ravenna  could be a ‘laboratory’ where to experiment the solutions that make it possible to transform a seaport into a ‘green port’. The installation of the new small wind turbine – which is added to another plant, 1.5 kWp vertical axis that thanks to Project Powered has already been installed December 17th 2011 – is an important step in this direction. At the same time, the two anemometers that are ‘coupled’ with the wind turbines – and together with the anemometer built by Micoperi of Ravenna, connected with Project Powered – it will be possible to measure the relationship between wind and actual production of energy on the docks of the Port of Ravenna.

TN535 is the only Italian wind turbine certified according to the international standard MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme), capable of producing 37,300 kWh to an annual average wind speed of 5 m / s. The main feature of the system, making it ideal for the area of the Port of Ravenna, is that it offers high capacity of energy production in sites with low wind regimes, thanks to features like active control of blade pitch and of the yawing axes. An advanced control system from a remote machine also ensures maximum safety.

Dr. Antonio Sorgi – Manager of the Abruzzo Region (which is the lead partner of the project) – and Ing. Renato Ricci, from the Marche Politecnica University and scientific director of the project, claimed that the goal of Powered, is to check if and where there are wind conditions in order to invest in large offshore wind farms, in the way has been shown during the conference in the morning. At the same time, the network planned anemometer data and mathematical models will provide certificates and useful elements for the installation of any wind farm along the Adriatic coast, starting with large Adriatic ports.Foto inaugurazione impianto minieolico a Porto Corsini 28 giu 13 n.1

In this regard, the Province aldermen Mara Roncuzzi and Gianni Bessi have stressed how the Project Powered is also crucial for the territory of Ravenna: we are engaged in an important project for the city, the gradual transformation of the Port of Ravenna in a modern green port, forefront in Europe. The representative of the Port Authority have announced that June 25th has been officially presented on the Call of Life 2013 a new project about a green port, which aim is the use of renewable energy for sustainable mobility in port areas.

The Regional alderman Giancarlo Muzzarelli concluded the conference : he appreciated the objectives of Project Powered and pointed out how these are intertwined closely with the regional strategy, which in recent years has produced the first important results, for energy efficiency and the development of renewable energy in line with the European targets and more generally for a closer link between innovative policies for the development and policies for environmental sustainability. Muzzarelli also pointed out how the green port project of Ravenna is the starting point for a new culture of sustainable development.

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Lead partner Abruzzo Region Directorate for Bureau Affairs, Legislative and EC Policies, External Affairs Department for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Sources, Energy Sector, Ministry of Economy of Montenegro Veneto Agricoltura, regional agency for agriculture, forestry and agri-food sectors

Province of Ravenna
Marche Region Environment and Landscape Department

Molise Region Programming Department
Apulia Region Mediterranean Department

Marche Polytechnic University
CETMA Consortium Engineering, Design and Materials Center Micoperi marine contractors srl

Italian Ministry for Environment and Land and Sea
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Energy, Republic of Albania

Municipality of Komiza
European Union Adriatic IPA