• The Program of the scientific-technical meeting in Ancona, May 29th 2013

    University Politecnica of Marche organized a scientific and technical meeting in Ancona on Wednesday May 29th 2013, at the Faculty of Engineering of the University (aula magna Guido Bossi). The title of the meeting is ‘The offshore wind energy development in the Adriatic sea: the Project Powered as a planning policy’. On May 30th 2013 will take place the partners meeting: the scientific committee and the steering committee will gather respectively at 9.30 and 11.30.

    May 29th Program

    Morning schedule

    9:00 – Registration of the participants

    9:30 – Opening of the meeting

    Prof. Marco Pacetti, Rettore UNIVPM

    Dott. Gian Mario Spacca, Presidente Regione Marche

    Prof. Dario Amodio, Preside Facoltà Ingegneria

    Arch. Antonio Sorgi, Regione Abruzzo, POWERED Lead

    Ing. Ercole Cauti, POWERED project manager

    10:00 – The Renewabe energy La Produzione di Energia da Fonti Rinnovabili in Italia

    Sebastiano Serra, Ministero dell’Ambiente, e della Tutela del Territorio e del Mare

    10:20 – Wind Energy: Stepping Offshore to Building an Industry

    Steve Clarke, Mainstream Renewable Power Ltd

    10:40 – Offshore Wind Super – Clusters: New Opportunities for Italian Ports

    Arch. Federico d’Amico, Hull University Business School

    11:00 – Offshore solutions for wind turbine supporting structures

    Prof. Francesco Cesari, DIENCA – Alma mater studiorum – Università di Bologna

    11:20 – The MAIT wind turbine; design and certification process

    Ing. Fabrizio Sardella, MAIT spa

    11:40 – A new generation of wind turbines to bring down the cost of offshore wind power

    Ing. Silvestro Caruso, Condor Wind Energy

    12:00 – Submarine electric power cables: The Micoperi experience

    Ing. Sergio Girotto, Micoperi Marine Contractors srl

    12:20 – Attività di modellistica numerica previsionale meteorologica al servizio Idro Meteo Clima di Arpa Emilia Romagna

    Dott.ssa Tiziana Paccagnella, Arpa Emilia Romagna

    13:00 – Lunch break

    Afternoon session

    14:30 – The Adriatic Basin Wind Map by IPA POWERED project

    Ing. Sergio Montelpare, Università Politecnica delle Marche

    14:50 – Offshore wind farms towards the design of a new landscape

    Arch. Daniela Moderini, Legambiente – Comitato scientifico

    15:10 – Esperienza di sviluppo di un parco eolico offshore in Italia. Criticità ed opportunità

    Ing. Leonardo Perini, Wdp Italia Offshore

    15:30 – Wind resource, energy and uncertainty

    Ing. Chiara Pavani, Garrad Hassan

    15:50 – Le attività di Tozzi Renewable Energy (TRE) in campo eolico

    Ing. Michele Rialti

    16:05 – Le attività di SIMAM spa nelle fonti rinnovabili

    Ing. Adriano Piccinini

    16:20 – Panel discussion

    Moderator Prof. Renato Ricci, Università Politecnica delle Marche

    Ore 17:30 – End of the meeting


  • Tirana meeting, January 28th and 29th 2013

    The meeting among the partners of Project Powered will take place in Tirana, at the Albanian Ministry of Economy, Trade and Energy (Skenderbeg square) January 28th and 29th 2013: the meeting aim is to take stock on the project state of the art.
    The most important aspect of the meeting regards the Albanian Ministry of the energy that will report on the status of energy sector in Albany and the strategies to develop alternative energy sources, particularly wind power. The schedule plans the meeting of the Scientific Committee and the Steering Committee, led by the coordinators, Professor Renato Ricci and  Antonio Sorgi, manager of the Energy for the Region Abruzzo, who is also the project manager. Participants will include also the project manager Ercole Cauti.
    The European Project Powered (Project of Offshore Wind Energy: Research, Experimentation, Development) is co-financed by the IPA CBC Adriatic. The goal is to collect scientific data, using sophisticated equipment anemometer and innovative mathematical models, to assess the technical and economic conditions to encourage investment in wind power plants offshore in the Adriatic Sea.
    In the first day of the meeting, at 10 am, after the intervention of the representatives of the Albanian Ministry of Economy, Trade and Energy and the project manager, Antonio Sorgi, the schedule provides an illustration of the Work packages state of the art. In the afternoon, at 3.30 pm, Scientific Committee meeting will take place.
    The next day, the Steering Committee will gather at 9.30 am: the task is rather important because 2013 will be the decisive year of the project. In fact, it will be installed the network of anemometers, it will be improved the physical-mathematical model it and will be elaborated the weather data, that constitute the core of the Project Powered.

  • Great success for the Project Powered partners meeting in Podgorica

    It was a great success the meeting of Project Powered partners, which took place in Podgorica, Montenegro, October 30th, to make the point about the project ‘state of the art’. The Wp managers illustrated what has been done and what are the next steps. In the same occasion, the Scientific Committee and the Steering Committee gathered to discuss the project topics.
    The next meeting will be hosted in Albania in Tirana, the end of January 2013: in the meantime, the competitive bid to install the anemometers will start in November.


Lead partner Abruzzo Region Directorate for Bureau Affairs, Legislative and EC Policies, External Affairs Department for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Sources, Energy Sector, Ministry of Economy of Montenegro Veneto Agricoltura, regional agency for agriculture, forestry and agri-food sectors

Province of Ravenna
Marche Region Environment and Landscape Department

Molise Region Programming Department
Apulia Region Mediterranean Department

Marche Polytechnic University
CETMA Consortium Engineering, Design and Materials Center Micoperi marine contractors srl

Italian Ministry for Environment and Land and Sea
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Energy, Republic of Albania

Municipality of Komiza
European Union Adriatic IPA